Friday, April 22, 2011

Christmas Card Holder - Stashbusting Project 4

This is my last project with the Super Secret Stashbusting box this week. I still have other items that I haven't decided how to use just yet. Thank you to Heather at DollarStoreCrafts for letting me participate in the random crafting experience. It's been a fun experience and we should all try to use what we have. Just think outside the box and you can come up with a project using random items that you have laying around the house!

Stashbusting Project 4: Christmas Card Holder (I know.. wrong time of the year but I have been wanting to make one for so long, come Christmas time I never get around to it.)

Inside my stashbusting box I found a belt! 
At first I thought what can I do with that? Then it came to me. I have been wanting to make a card holder for quite some time now. You could always make a sign or a banner with the belt if you wanted to instead.

So to start off I cut the belt using the Westcott Scissors to a length I thought was ideal for my card holder.

I then decided to adhere some ribbon (from my stash) down the center of the belt and at the top I tied the ribbon to the buckles.

Next, I used a Cheerio box and my Cricut machine to cut out the Noel Sign. First I used the cheerio box for the back of my sign, I cut it out and then repeated the cut with the red pattern paper. I adhered the red paper onto the cheerio box cut.

Next, I used my Cricut and cut out the Noel in green pattern paper and adhered it to the red paper.(The Noel cut is from the Christmas Cartridge on the Gypsy)

Next, I used the Westcott brand x-acto knife that was included in the stashbusting box to cut out a rectangle piece from cheerio box cardboard. I adhered the green pattern paper to the cardboard and trimmed off the excess around the edges.

I adhered the two cardboard signs to the canvas belt. Then Noel sign on the front of the belt and the green rectangle to the back side of the belt. I decided to tie a bow to make the rectangle look kinda like a Christmas present.

Next, I used some clothes pins I had and mod podged the red pattern paper scraps onto them. I covered the top with Mod Podge as well. Trimmed off excess paper around the edges.

Once dry, I glued the clothes pins onto the back side of the green rectangle using Mod Podge and then when that was dry I finally added my Christmas cards!!

Hope you like my Christmas Card Holder and all the other Stashbusting projects this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
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Audrey Frelx said...

Tanya, it turned out great!!!

Amber said...

What a wonderful idea! TFS!

Maria Elena said...

Great project-idea!
Thanks for commenting in my blog ;-)
Have a great Monday !
~Maria Elena~


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Lisa said...

Wow! How did you think of this? It is wonderful and a great time of year to make Christmas things! Thanks for such a great idea!

Usman Hadi said...

It looks so dashing and attractive!!

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