Monday, April 18, 2011

Stashbusting Project 1

The wait is over, it's now time for my projects using the stashbusting box Heather from sent me!!

Stashbusting Project 1: Goodie Bag

For my first project I chose the following materials from the box

White mittens, Westcott brand Titanium Scissors

 Cloth Napkins, White favor box

I started off by putting the box together. Super easy it just folds out and tucks in on the bottom. I painted my box pink with some paint I had. Next, I took a cloth napkin and cut a strip off of it. I cut the edges of one side to give it a little fringe. Then I used some pink paint mixed with water in a mini spray bottle. I sprayed the cloth napkin to add a bit of pink.

Next, I took the white mittens and cut out a circle and 2 long narrow ovals. Sorry, I guess I didn't take any pictures of this. With the mitten material I made a bunny face. From my stash I used some googly eyes and a brad for the nose. I drew on the whiskers and mouth. Colored in the ears a bit.

Here is my finished little goodie bag. Put some Easter candy in and it's all ready to go!!

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Judy said...

Really Cute Tanya...
Have a great day.

Kel said...

Wow..what a creative idea.. I love it..