Friday, April 22, 2011

Christmas Card Holder - Stashbusting Project 4

This is my last project with the Super Secret Stashbusting box this week. I still have other items that I haven't decided how to use just yet. Thank you to Heather at DollarStoreCrafts for letting me participate in the random crafting experience. It's been a fun experience and we should all try to use what we have. Just think outside the box and you can come up with a project using random items that you have laying around the house!

Stashbusting Project 4: Christmas Card Holder (I know.. wrong time of the year but I have been wanting to make one for so long, come Christmas time I never get around to it.)

Inside my stashbusting box I found a belt! 
At first I thought what can I do with that? Then it came to me. I have been wanting to make a card holder for quite some time now. You could always make a sign or a banner with the belt if you wanted to instead.

So to start off I cut the belt using the Westcott Scissors to a length I thought was ideal for my card holder.

I then decided to adhere some ribbon (from my stash) down the center of the belt and at the top I tied the ribbon to the buckles.

Next, I used a Cheerio box and my Cricut machine to cut out the Noel Sign. First I used the cheerio box for the back of my sign, I cut it out and then repeated the cut with the red pattern paper. I adhered the red paper onto the cheerio box cut.

Next, I used my Cricut and cut out the Noel in green pattern paper and adhered it to the red paper.(The Noel cut is from the Christmas Cartridge on the Gypsy)

Next, I used the Westcott brand x-acto knife that was included in the stashbusting box to cut out a rectangle piece from cheerio box cardboard. I adhered the green pattern paper to the cardboard and trimmed off the excess around the edges.

I adhered the two cardboard signs to the canvas belt. Then Noel sign on the front of the belt and the green rectangle to the back side of the belt. I decided to tie a bow to make the rectangle look kinda like a Christmas present.

Next, I used some clothes pins I had and mod podged the red pattern paper scraps onto them. I covered the top with Mod Podge as well. Trimmed off excess paper around the edges.

Once dry, I glued the clothes pins onto the back side of the green rectangle using Mod Podge and then when that was dry I finally added my Christmas cards!!

Hope you like my Christmas Card Holder and all the other Stashbusting projects this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stashbusting Project 3

Still using items out of the stashbusting box that Heather at DollarStoreCrafts sent me!

Stashbusting Project 3: Flower Pot

Flower pot and sweater sleeve are from the stashbusting box. Paint is from my stash!
When I was getting ready to go to sleep, this idea came to me. Then the next day I seen something similar already on DollarStoreCrafts blog. Someone done it with a vase. Oh well, I figured I would go ahead and do it anyways.

I first painted the rim of the flower pot pink.

Next I just took the sweater sleeve and folded it. I didn't even have to cut it. It was sized perfectly for the pot! I slid the sleeve on and now it looks really pretty!  You could change it later using another sweater sleeve if you wanted a new look!

Next I pulled out these Fuzzy Stix from the stashbusting box. They are made by Creative Hands Crafts.

With the Fuzzy Stix I made flowers for the flower pot. You could use a real flower but I didn't have any on hand and this whole experiment is to use what we already have. Plus the fuzzy stix are so fun to use and part of the stashbusting project!  :)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stashbusting Project 2

Project number 2: Sweater Flower

I am using supplies from the stashbusting box that was sent to me from Heather at

Inside my box I found pieces of material from a sweater.

I cut 3 circles in different sizes out using Westcott Scissors included in the stash box. The brad is from my stash.
I just layered the circles from biggest to smallest and stuck the brad through the middle.

Now we have a fun flower made from old sweater material!! Pin It

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stashbusting Project 1

The wait is over, it's now time for my projects using the stashbusting box Heather from sent me!!

Stashbusting Project 1: Goodie Bag

For my first project I chose the following materials from the box

White mittens, Westcott brand Titanium Scissors

 Cloth Napkins, White favor box

I started off by putting the box together. Super easy it just folds out and tucks in on the bottom. I painted my box pink with some paint I had. Next, I took a cloth napkin and cut a strip off of it. I cut the edges of one side to give it a little fringe. Then I used some pink paint mixed with water in a mini spray bottle. I sprayed the cloth napkin to add a bit of pink.

Next, I took the white mittens and cut out a circle and 2 long narrow ovals. Sorry, I guess I didn't take any pictures of this. With the mitten material I made a bunny face. From my stash I used some googly eyes and a brad for the nose. I drew on the whiskers and mouth. Colored in the ears a bit.

Here is my finished little goodie bag. Put some Easter candy in and it's all ready to go!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super secret stashbusting!

Yesterday I received one of those flat rate boxes in the mail. Well, I never even look when I get packages as to who they are from. I just open and see what I got.. lol :)  As I pulling the items out, I am thinking what is this stuff? It was really random things. Not things I normally craft with! I am expecting a package from a giveaway I won but it wouldn't be in this big box. And I don't remember giving anyone else my address. Hmm, so I stop pulling things out and look at the front. It's from Still not ringing any bells with me. Lol. I finish pulling out all the random items and I find a paper at the bottom then I knew....!

It's from Heather at!! I forgot that I even applied. We filled out the application with our addresses and no one knew who was picked till it showed up at our doors. Fun huh!!!

I have been chosen randomly out of 600 applications as 1 of 10 people, to participate in a random crafting experiment for She pulled random things from her stash and sent to us to create something with it. It's just supposed to be a  fun exercise in creativity!!

I will be making things from the items I received, plus we can add a bit from our own stash if we would like but we are not allowed to buy anything for the project/s!

So Stay Tuned!!!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Award from Tiffany!

Thank you Tiffany at Sparkled Memories for passing this award on to me!! Please head over and check out Tiffanys cute blog!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Huge Giveaway Time

Scrapping Mommy is having a huge giveaway! Some of her favorite things she is offering up as prizes, lots of great things. $200 in prizes!!!!!  Head THERE now to see how to get entered to win! Pin It

April Bunny Blog Hop

April Bunny Blog Hop - from 8:00am April 1st to 8:00am April 5th

In honor of Easter they have all created BUNNY themed card/projects. Please make sure you go through the whole hop there are tons of goodies up for grabs along the way. 20 stops on the hop!

It starts HERE!

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