Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby its cold outside!

They are calling for extremely cold air here in Indiana.
 (As well as some other states)

We've already been seeing temps below zero but tomorrow is when it starts to get really bad.  Heavy snow 8-12 inches, with blizzard like conditions, actual life threatening temps of -20 to -25 and the wind chills -50. Coldest air we've had in 20-30 years. 

We're in the black.

We will all just stay inside where it's safe and warm.  
Lets hope there are no power outages. 

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Oma said...

I live in Toronto ON Canada and yesterday was the coldest day in 9 years here. Today is much more bearable - 28 Fahrenheit. We are also expecting snow to start tomorrow morning and not ending until Monday morning with about 12 inches predicted. I am retired so do not have to go anywhere on Monday but the morning rush hour will be interesting to say the least. Stay safe and stay warm!