Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toy Buckets

My husband brought me home all these drywall screw buckets from work, he figured I would do something with them.

I turned them into kids buckets to hold their hot wheels. The idea came from my son, 3 at the time. He got a hold of one and loaded it full of his cars and carried it around the house, took it with him to Great Grandmas at Thanksgiving!

I took off the labels, washed them out. Added their names and cars (cut with my Cricut) to the front. Mod Podged it, to keep it kid tough. Added a knob at the top to help them get the lid off a little easier.

These are very nice buckets, the lid is the only thing not made very good, in my opinion. These are very handy for kids to carry around and take with them.

Inside I added candy and hot wheels for the younger kids. The older boys, I only put their name on the outside and added candy and G.I. Joe guys to the inside. Pin It

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Fi said...

What a great idea, they look fantastic.