Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patriotic Bouquet/Centerpiece

I made this bouquet for the 4th of July. Thanks to MarleneO for the idea and cut file. The bag is cut tall ball from Plantin Schoolbook. I didn't have any paper to go with it really, so I just used the white side of the chipboard, and went with that. I inked the edges with red and blue, I know my red looks pink on here. I pop dotted the center stars to make them stand out a little more. (I fixed the crookedness of it,after the photo was taken. As I sit and look at the photos I always see things that need fixed, etc.)

What do you think too much, did I go a little crazy or do we like it?? Should I have added something else? Well, thanks for looking. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Oh SO cute indeed!!!! Those would make awesome center pieces!!!! So patriotic!!!!!

sophiesmama said...

I love it and wouldn't change a thing!

magicwanda said...

That looks awesome....
You did a great job on it ...I still have to try one of these ...and isn't funny how the colors never come out right when you post it !
I have had blues look like purple and white look like lite
I think it is just perfect !
Hugs Wanda